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SIckness since 2007

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Most brutal Festival in Europe since 2007! We bring you the hard and brutal music, that you are looking for.

Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore, Goregrind, Old School Death Metal, Technical Death Metal and of course Slam Death Metal got a home on our Open Air Stage!

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Böllern Jungens ! Ballern Freunde ! Knallen muss es !

Daniel Mahler, Guitarist Gutrectomy

Incredible sick and brutal festival!!!

Mimiche Wanderer, From Norway

Absolut supergeiles Festival!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank Lampy, Krasser Typ

Ausgezeichnet. so siehts aus! wirklich ausgezeichnet.

Maren Elsässer, Hot Chick

The best festival I played on. Everything was killer!

Jens Strack, Obsolete Incarnation
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