Analepsy announced for Death Feast Open Air 2017!

Here is the last announcement for this week.

South Europe’s most brutal slam Band is coming to the Deathfeast Open Air 2017! Their well executed blend of tight, chromatic death metal riffage and low end, beefy slams is more than enough to start a mad Pit. Aaaand, they will have new tunes with them.

Be prepared for merciless headbanging and pit raging slams!

Welcome: ANALEPSY (Portugal)

Bands so far:
Whitechapel (USA) | Cryptopsy (Canada) | Suffocation (USA) | Vital Remains (USA) | Beheaded (Malta) | Milking The Goatmachine (Germany) | GUTSLIT (India) | Stillbirth (Germany) | Carnivore Diprosopus (Colombia) | Dyscarnate (UK) | ANALEPSY (P) | Splattered (USA) | Korpse (Netherlands) | CREPITATION (UK) | Indecent Excision (Italy) | Demonbreed official (Germany) | Human Vivisection (Belgium) | Weak Aside (Death Metal) (Germany) | Bound To Prevail (Malta) | and 14 more bands



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