South Africas finest Slam Band on the Death Feast Open Air!

ok ok ok… now sit down… put away your coffee… and relaxe… inhale… exhale…

ok… now you are ready for our next announcement.

Our next band has managed to become one of the top acts in the slam scene, with their dynamic blend of brutal, heavy and inhumanely powerful sound which has turned them into a force to be reckoned with.

Massive, groovy, slamming, technical and just brutal, are only some words which try to describe their style of music.

They will play an exclusive DeathFeast-Show with their most brutal songs. And it will be their only show on the European mainland. So grab your slamhammers and go to the gym, because you must have a lot of condition to survive this pit!

This is the best south africa export since Groinchurn.

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome: Vulvodynia from South Africa

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