The JUZ Andernach in the City of Andernach is for the 7th time home of the Deathfeast Open Air, edition 12. The camparea is near the festivalground and we got a public swimming pool around the corner. On the festivalground there will be 4 Merchcompanies (Rotten Roll Rex, Morbid Generation Records, Rising Nemesis Records, Nice to Eat you Records), Festivalmerch and Bandmerch, Food-, Beer-, Cockstailstands and the stage. Altogether 33 bands play the Deathfeast Open Air in 2019. Naturally we hope being spared from damages, severe wheater and band refusals. Deathfeast Open Air takes place from 22 August 2019 to 24 August 2019.

Camping / Parking

The camping area is located next to the festival area and opens thursday 22. August 2019 at 8am. The soil is of solid, drained and nearly plane ground. You can park your car right next to your tent. Camping costs 15 € per Person. Included in this 15 € is:
1. Toilet-Flatrate – with 24 hours clean and secured toilets
2. Free Showers in the Stadium every day from 7:00 to 12:00 AM
3. Daily water station on the campground
4. 50% Discount at the public outdoor swimming pool
5. Security and more services on the campground

There is also a 5 € garbage fee per person, but you get this 5 € back, when your camp is clean after you left it.

– Lighting a camp fire
– Digging holes, such as to store beverages etc.
– Trespassing the campground outside the provided area.
– Damaging technical facilities or other properties of the JUZ and surrounding buildings.
– Hopping and/or damaging fences, gateways or other securing devises.
– Fixing steel bolts to secure tents etc. that can´t or won´t be removed.
– Private power sets.
– Bottles out of Glas.
– The German road-traffic regulations (StVO) apply throughout the entire area – maximum speed allowed 10 km/h.

If you are a dayvisitor, than please park your car at the beginning of the Stadionstrasse. There is a big parking spot of the public swimming pool. Please don’t park your car at the Trampolino. There is a small skate park at the campsite. You can use it, but keep it clean. On Friday there is always the „Parkbanksaufen“-Event at the skate park before the first band start.

The campground is bigger this year compared to 2018. The first part is closed due to agricultural management but the full horse pasture behind that is open now.

There will also be Toi Toi’s on the festivalground.

Stage/Running Order

Again we will have one Open Air stage. The Bands are performing from thursday 16.00 CET till saturday 23:59 CET.

The Running Order for 2019:

Thursday – 22nd August 2019
23.00-00.00 – Aborted
21.45-22.30 – Waking the Cadaver
20.45-21.30 – Extermination Dismemberment
19.45-20.30 – Korpse
19.00-19.30 – Acranius
18.15-18.45 – Serrabulho
17.30-18.00 – Abrupt Demise
16.45–17.15 – Supreme Carnage
16.00–16.30 – Pray for Pain
15:00 – Gates open to the infield
Friday – 23rd August 2019
23.00-00.00 – Decapitated
21.45-22.30 – Humanities Last Breath
20.45-21.30 – Guttural Secrete
19.45-20.30 – Skeletal remains
19:00-19:30 – Implore
18.15-18.45 – Deadsquad
17.30-18.00 – Traumatomy
16.45–17.15 – Distant
16.00–16.30 – Devangelic
15.15-15.45 – Craniotomy
14.30-15.00 – Chordotomy
13.45-14.15 – Bleeding Heaven
13:00 – Gates open to the infield
Saturday – 24th August 2019
23.00-00.00 – General Surgery
21.45-22.30 – Beheaded
20.45-21.30 – Wormed
19.45-20.30 – Abysmal Torment
19.00-19.30 – Rectal Smegma
18.15-18.45 – Viscral
17.30-18.00 – Keitzer
16.45–17.15 – Serial Butcher
16.00–16.30 – Cranial Contamination
15.15-15.45 – Hurakan
14.30-15.00 – Gorezone
13.45-14.15 – Untethered
13:00 – Gates open to the infield


Get your tickets in advance! We do not have endless capacities!
You get your presale-ticket for all 3 Days here:


3 – Day – Tickets at the doors: 65 Euro
Day – Tickets at the doors: 30 Euro for each day


Deathfeast Open Air takes place on an agriculture area. That´s why we have to take care for order and cleanliness of the grounds during the departure. Everybody has to pay a 5 Euro garbage fee. You get this money back, when you leave your camp and it’s clean. Please keep the camp also clean while your stay. We want to avoid, that horses and other animals will eat plastic and other garbage after the Festival.

Children and Disabled People

Children and juveniles (up to 16) without legal guardian are not admitted to concert or dance events by german law (JuSchG. §9). Juveniles (16 and older) without legal guardian have access to events mentioned above until midnight.
If you got an accompanying person with you, than you are allowed to stay at the festival area as long as follows: up to 16 until midnight / 16 and older until your legal guardian vetoes.

Service of alcohol to children and juveniles is subject to german law (JuSchG. § 9).
Children and juveniles under 14 accompanied by a legal guardian are admitted free of charge. I.e. you have to pay if you are 14 and older.

Disabled People who need an accompanying person just need to buy one ticket. The accompanying person is free of charge.

Catering / Prices

Food and drink supply is guaranteed from thursday 3pm to 12pm, friday and saturday from 1pm to 12pm.

We pay strict attention to high quality catering. Our catering partners have order to provide affordable food and drinks.
Beerprice: 3,00 Euro for 0,3l

We got a changing selection on meals for meatlovers, for vegetarians and also some vegan food on the festivalground.

A normal amount of own beverages and own food is allowed on the campsite. On the festival grounds, the drinks and the food must be purchased from the stationary suppliers.

Supermarkets and other restaurants are mostly in a 1km radius around the festival.

Arrival by train / plane / car

Andernach train station is 2km away from the festival.
Address: Kurfürstendamm 1,56626 Andernach

Train connection example from Frankfurt Hahn Airport:
Departure Airport Frankfurt-Hahn ZOB, Hahn (Hunsrück)
Departure 08:30 – Bus 610 – Bus Direction: Koblenz Hbf
Arrival Mainstation (ZOB), Koblenz
Arrival 09:40
Walk 7 Min.
Departure Koblenz Mainstation
Departure 09:51 – RB 12608 – Regionalbahn Direction: Mayen Ost
Arrival Andernach
Arrival 10:07

Train connection example from Cologne:
Departure Cologne Main Station
Departure 07:32 – RE 10505 – Regional-Express Direction: Koblenz Hbf
Arrival Andernach
Arrival 08:30 Uhr
Check the times on: www.bahn.de

Cologne/Bonn (CGN): 90km – www.koeln-bonn-airport.de
Dusseldorf (DUS): 140km – www.dus.com
Dortmund (DTM): 180km – www.dortmund-airport.de
Frankfurt (FRA): 120km – www.frankfurt-airport.com
Frankfurt (HHN) :100km – www.hahn-airport.de

Distances to the festival by car: Amsterdam: 345km | Barcelona: 1330km | Berlin: 615km | Budapest: 1100km | Essen: 135km | Frankfurt a.Main: 135km | Hamburg: 490km | Katowice: 965km | Copenhagen: 810km | Cologne: 75km | London: 650km | Luxembourg: 200km | Milan: 750km | Munich: 520km | Paris: 550km | Prague: 645km | Vienna: 845km | Zurich: 510km

(not) to bring along

Weapons, pyrotechnic articles and glassware is strictly prohibited. As every year we have controls at the festival entrance. Considerable violation of the rules may lead to a sending off. About glassware: all forbidden items made of glass (even nutella or gherkin jars) found at the control are withdrawn and destroyed without replacement!

Gas cylinders are allowed at the Deathfeast Open Air if there is no forest fire danger (until now it looks good). In individual cases the security staff can seize the gas cylinders which are brought by you. Of course you will get them back after the festival.

This applies in particular if:
– the filling quanitity of the gas cylinder exceeds 5kg. Only one gas cylinder per car is allowed and keep it under 5kg.
– the gas cylinder has no valid TÜV-certificate (TÜV = German Association for Technical Inspection) (stamp or sign on the gas cylinder)
– you cannot show a valid TÜV-certificate for the pressure regulator and/or the connecting hose that will be used (stamp or imprint)
– the gas installation has no functional reliable safety pilot
– the gas installation operating in a caravan/motorhome has no valid gas test (TÜV badge)

Some words about the unwelcomed issue of political acting and showcasing of political excesses. We got a shirt ban for national socialist and/or NSBM motives! The ban is valid for the entire festival and camping area. This is something for all sides of political display.