First Announcements for Death Feast Open Air 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,

are you ready to PARTY?! After an amazing Festival Edition in 2016, we are proud to announce our 10-Years-Anniversary Special in 2017. Prepare yourself for the first round of confirmed Bands!

The first announcement will crush your head with the power of a nuclear weapon. The sledgehammer rules in all songs and feels like a kick in your crown jewels. With over 20 years of brutal technical Death Metal on the hump, we wanna welcome our first headliner: Cryptopsy from Canada!

The next announcement is a killer European band. They are playing fast, technical death metal with plenty of brutality. Their music is pure worship, with blast beats, slower sections and crushing riffs. They conquered their island with their own sick style of brutal Death Metal. Welcome: Beheaded from Malta!

Do we got more killer announcements? Oh yes, we got more for you! You know the bird, but the bird isn’t the word anymore. The next Band came to planet Earth to spread the word of the Goat. Fast and groovy Death/Grind will bring you a lot of party, hailing from the planet Goateborg where all creatures happen to have a goat-like behaviour. Welcome: Milking The Goatmachine from Germany!

Brutal and sick. Normally we don’t need more words, to describe the next band. But the Colombian guys are so sick and so brutal, that we have to tell you more. Fast, heavy and with big balls they will smash the stage in 2017 with their uncompromising slamming Death Metal. Sick vocals, sick riffs, just sick music. Welcome: Carnivore Diprosopus from Colombia!

Are you ready for more? We got some more bands left. It’s getting international again. Mumbai’s finest Death Grind band will force you to bleed out of your ears, when they hit the stage. They combine individual skills with compact, aggressive and deliberately catchy songwriting in a manner that most metal fans probably haven’t seen since the early works of Gorerotted or Aborted. Welcome: GUTSLIT from India!

Next! And yes, we got another one for you. Get your surfboards and your swimming dress, it’s time for some #stillbirthparty. Groovy slamming Brutal Death Metal made in Germany is comin‘ to town. Welcome: Stillbirth from Germany!

You don’t need to travel to the states, if you wanna see original wild west cowboys. Although the guys don’t catch any cows, they will catch your attention and lead you directly into the pit! Bay-Area Slam Death Metal is ready to crush your bones. Welcome: Splattered from USA!

Guitars like chainsaws, pounding rhythms, delightfully creaky Grunts, the next band does pure old school Death Metal, and it’s one of the finest! With members of Ex – Lay Down Rotten and Milking the Goatmachine, they are ready to conquer the old school death metal World. Welcome: Demonbreed official from Germany!

We got two more for you. Another old school Death Metal bludgeon is waiting for the DFOA stage in 2017. The German warmachine wants to follow in the footsteps of Bolt Thrower, and they are doing it very good. Fast blast beats combined with sublime melodys. Welcome: Weak Aside (Death Metal) from Germany!

And the last but not least. The song writing process of this band, instantly brought together a variety of extreme musical backgrounds to generate a fresh wave of pounding overtones with melodic intervals. The second malta import at the DFOA 2017. Welcome: Bound To Prevail from Malta!

We got em, the first 10 Bands of the DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR 10-Years-Anniversary Special in 2017. 23 more Bands are waiting for their announcement, so stay prepared for more sickness.

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Thank y´all for 9 years of pure sickness in the pit!! Let´s make our 10 Years Anniversary a Party like none before!!!

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