Latest Flyer online!

Bujaaaaaa, our latest Flyer is online!

How do you like the lineup so far? We still got 13 more slots to fill and there are more sick band-announcements coming the next weeks.

Stay prepared for more madness, but until then, SHARE this flyer with your friends.

Get your tickets here:

Bands so far:
Aborted (Belgium) | Waking the Cadaver Official(USA) | Guttural Secrete (USA) | General Surgery(Sweden) | Abysmal Torment (Malta) | Extermination Dismemberment (Belarus) | Annotations Of An Autopsy (UK) | Korpse (Netherlands) | VISCRAL(Indonesia) | Traumatomy (Russia) | Keitzer(Germany) | CRANIOTOMY (Slovakia) |DEVANGELIC (Italy) | Serrabulho (Portugal) |Deadsquad (Indonesia) | Serial Butcher (Belgium) |Repugnance (Malta) | Supreme Carnage (Germany) | Gorezone (Germany) | Chordotomy (Germany)


Support the Underground and the most brutal Festival in Europe!


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