Line-Up 2019 so far!

Bands so far:
Aborted – Brutal Death Grind from Belgium
Waking the Cadaver Official – Legendary Slam from USA
Guttural Secrete (OFFICIAL) – Brutal Death Metal from USA
General Surgery – Pathologic Grindcore from Sweden
Humanity’s Last Breath – Technical Athmospheric Deathcore from Sweden
WORMED – Brutal Death Metal from Spain
Beheaded – Brutal Death Metal from Malta
Abysmal Torment – Brutal Death Metal from Malta
Extermination Dismemberment – Slam Dozer from Belarus
Rectal Smegma – Heavy Goregrind from the Netherlands
Skeletal Remains – Old School Death Metal from USA
Korpse – Slamtrain from the Netherlands
Acranius – Slamming Death Metal from Germany
VISCRAL – Brutal Death Metal from Indonesia
DISTANT – Slamming Deathcore from the Netherlands
Traumatomy – Slam from Russia
Keitzer – Grindcore from Germany
CRANIOTOMY – Death/Grind from Slovakia
DEVANGELIC – Brutal Death Metal from Italy
Serrabulho – Partygrind from Portugal
Deadsquad – Death Metal from Indonesia
Serial Butcher – Death/Grind from Belgium
Repugnance – Brutal Death Metal from Malta
Supreme Carnage – Old School Death Metal from Germany
Gorezone – Death/Grind from Germany
Chordotomy – Slam from Germany
Pray for Pain – Brutal Death Metal from Austria


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