Rotten Sound announced for Death Feast Open Air 2017!

Boooooooooooom here comes the pain!

We got another amazing announcement for you! After Cumbeast Official did such a good job last year, we thought we have to get another amazing finnish Band. The grindcore band is like a snow train that rolls over everything that comes in the way. Brutal, fast, heavy, and and and… a must see for every grindfan!

Welcome: Rotten Sound from Finland!

Bands so far:
Whitechapel (USA) | Cryptopsy (Canada) | Suffocation (USA) | Vital Remains (USA) | Rotten Sound (Finland) | Beheaded (Malta) | Milking The Goatmachine (Germany) | Extermination Dismemberment (Belarus) | GUTSLIT (India) | Stillbirth (Germany) | Carnivore Diprosopus (Colombia) | Dyscarnate (UK) | ANALEPSY (Portgual) | CLITEATER (Official) (Netherlands) | CREPITATION (UK) | Splattered (USA) | Korpse (Netherlands) | Indecent Excision (Italy) | Demonbreed official (Germany) | Human Vivisection (Belgium) | Weak Aside (Death Metal) (Germany) | Bound To Prevail (Malta) | and 11 more bands

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