Atomgott (GER)


The idea of writing extreme music and combining furious speed, head banging grooves and an
aggressive vibe dates back to 2012 when founding members and longtime bandmates in several
heavy projects David and Selim started to draw the band’s musical blueprint combining influences
from grindcore, death metal and hardcore.
It took some time to find the right guys matching the essential aspects of friendship and musicality.
After an intense practicing period the band finally became what is now known as the brutal
powerhouse called Atomgott and started working on their first demo EP entitled „Es gibt kein Utopia“
(There is no utopia).
Released by Southwest Hardcore Records the EP features Flo from heavy hardcore outfit Circle Of
Death on vocals.
After numerous shows throughout Germany with bands like INGESTED, EPICARDIECTOMY,
many more Atomgott decided to put together a first full length release. Due to personal
circumstances Flo wasn´t able to match the songwriting progress properly, so he was
replaced by Maik (Cortical Callosum, Orphalis).
In 2014 Atomgott started working on their first full release entitled „APATHEIA“ featuring 7 new
songs mixed and mastered by Manuel at Parabol Audio studios.

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