My Own Children’s Drink (GER)


The 5 musicians from Germany successfully exist as My Own Children’s Drink (M.O.C.D) since 2008 in the death metal scene.
The music goes into the straight, death metal with predominantly inhale (and exhale -) vocals with grind influences.
They are specialized in playing live. They create a lot of interaction with the audience, to bring more life into death metal. They want to CELEBRATE the Metal! This is much more than just playing the set list. Who knows the guys know that a M.O.C.D concert also means to sing, celebrate and interactive floating tire-slaughter. The first works created the band under the heading EvolutionsKot [Kot (to lean on the word “code”) is the German word for excrement]. The album was released on 15.12.2012. The titles of the songs sound amusing, but the content has seriously the full broadside of death metal heart, “in your face”!

M.O.C.D is an established NRW death metal band, they played 2011 at the NRW Deathfest and planning for the future more appearances at big events.

Here is an excerpt from the list of bands that My Own Children’s drink was shared the stage already.
Asphyx, Begging for Incest, Cliteater, Disavowed, Enemy Reign, Facebreaker, Gorgasm, Insidious Decrepancy, Jack Slater, Putrid Pile, Rompeprop, Unmerciful and many more.

M.O.C.D is staffed by: Martin Hesseler: (frontman) inhale vocals, Martin Tubandt: bass & vocals exhale, Julian Anders: guitar, Tobias Schnier: guitar Alex Polz: drums

They’re always searching for gigs.

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