Revel in Flesh (GER)


The idea for REVEL IN FLESH was born in autumn 2011 when it was obvious that my old band IMMORTAL RITES (1996 – January 2012) was falling more or less apart.
REVEL OF FLESH is like a new musical beginning in the way of delivering a non – compromise band under the banner of classical Death Metal.

The current REVEL IN FLESH line – up consist of IMMORTAL RITES (R.I.P), DAWN OF DREAMS and APOPHIS members.
During autumn/early winter 2011/2012 the debut album “Deathevokation” was recorded on at VAULT M. Studio (Germany). The featured material itself was written between 2007 and 2011.
“Deathevokation” is about pure passion for this particular style and the CD version will feature 10 tracks addicted to the way Death Metal was meant to be.

The mastering of “Deathevokation” was handled by DAN SWANÖ at UNISOUND Studios (Sweden) in January 2012.
The coverartwork of “Deathevokation” was delivered by Spanish long – time underground artist Juanjo Castellano, who is well – known in the scene for his work with VOMITORY, BLASPHERIAN or SATHANAS.

“Deathevokation” will be released in spring 2012 on CD format and a vinyl is supposed to follow later on.

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