Cliteater announced for Death Feast Open Air 2017

It’s friday and you survived the week! As a reward for this high class performance we are giving you a nice weekend present!

Again there is more brutality coming to Andernach in 2017. Almost all songs are extremely aggressive and fast, just how we like it! With ultra low grumbling and skin piercing screams they will force you into the pit! Death/Grind from the Netherlands, like it has to be.

Welcome: CLITEATER (Official) from the Netherlands!

Bands so far:
Whitechapel (USA) | Cryptopsy (Canada) | Suffocation (USA) | Vital Remains (USA) | Beheaded (Malta) | Milking The Goatmachine (Germany) | Extermination Dismemberment (Belarus) | GUTSLIT (India) | Stillbirth (Germany) | Carnivore Diprosopus (Colombia) | Dyscarnate (UK) | ANALEPSY (Portgual) | CLITEATER (Official) (Netherlands) | CREPITATION (UK) | Splattered (USA) | Korpse (Netherlands) | Indecent Excision (Italy) | Demonbreed official (Germany) | Human Vivisection (Belgium) | Weak Aside (Death Metal) (Germany) | Bound To Prevail (Malta) | and 12 more bands

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