Ok ok ok, sit down, we know it’s monday. You are wasted after the weekend and try to do you job. You are looking forward to the next party or the next gig.

We’ll give you now something, that you can look forward too!

Our next announcement-round is on the roll. Have fun with the next bands and tell us what you think.

But at first, get your TICKET! They are selling fast this year.


And now enjoy:

The first announcement is no one else than the UK-Slam-Madness INGESTED! They will bring you nasty slams and heavy blast beats. We are looking forward to see them on our stage, after we saw them on the last Europe-Tour.

The second band is a very special for us. First time ever in Germany, first time ever in Europe, first time ever live! Slam mixed with Grindcore and Brutal Death Metal. Flying from South Africa to our Deathfeast Open Air! Welcome: XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX ! Writing out the full name would blow up this post, haha.

And of course… we need some grindcore. The next band is well known in Europe, but they kick everything away. One of the best grindcore acts nowadays! Teethgrinder from the Netherlands will blow you away.

Do you like Brutal Death Metal? We know you do. The next band is flyer from the states to deliver you finest US-Death Metal. With members from Waking the Cadaver, they will crush our stage. We are happy to announce Cognitive straight outta New Jersey comin with da Bazooka!

The next band is from the opposite site of the world. Fast and unmercyful Grindcore mixed with Death Metal and the right amount of brutality. Welcome WORLD END MAN from Japan on their first Europe-appearance!

The next one is from Italy. Brutal Death Metal with old school influences will hit our stage. Fast, brutal and very loud. They are smashing the stages since 1998 and are still good in it. Looking forward to see their performence. Welcome Antropofagus (Official)

Another italian band is coming to our Feast. Xenomorphic Contamination with ex members of Vomit the Soul will bring you groovy and slammy Death Metal. Stay prepared for this madness.

You think „that’s it for today?“. No no, we are faster with announcing than last year. So we got another special act for you. Asilent from Singapore are ready to hit Germany! Asian brutal Death Metal like it has to be. These guys now how to play blast beats and grooves.

And the last announcement for today is another grindcore band from the Netherlands. Sick of Stupidity will tear the stage apart. Fast and uncompromising grindcore for passion.

Bands so far:
Dying Fetus (USA) | Misery Index (USA) | Origin (USA) | GUTALAX ( cz gore grind ) (Czech Republic) | INGESTED (UK) | XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX (South Africa) | Soreption (Sweden) | Nader Sadek : In the Flesh (Egypt) | Epicardiectomy (Czech Republic) | Teethgrinder (Netherlands) | Cognitive (USA) | WORLD END MAN (Japan) | Antropofagus (Official) (Italy) | Abhorrent Castigation (Germany) | guineapig (Italy) | Cannibal Grandpa (Spain) | Xenomorphic Contamination (Italy) | PaRtY-CaNnOn (UK) | Gutrectomy (Germany) | Asilent (Singapore) | Embrace Your Punishment (France) | Brutal Sphincter (Belgium) | Kadaverficker (Germany) | Sick of Stupidity (Netherlands)

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Vulvodynia LIve at Deathfeast Open Air 2017 – Nikko DeLuna

Vulvodynia LIve at Deathfeast Open Air 2017. Song: Forced Fecal Ingestion. Let the slams begin! Video done by the fantastic Nikko DeLuna

Vulvodynia – Forced Fecal Ingestion – Live at Deathfeast Open …

Vulvodynia live at Deathfeast Open Air 2017. Song: Forced Fecal Ingestion. Let the slams begin! Video done by the fantastic Nikko DeLuna

Posted by Deathfeast on Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017


Ladies and Gentleman,

are you ready to rumbleeeeeeeeee?

Our 2017 edition of the Deathfeast Open Air was a blast. Thanks to all for the endless support! We hope you had a good time and we hope to see your nice faces again next year.

And to be sure, that you show up next year, we are already working on the Line-up for 2018!
Today we wanna announce the first bands and we hope that you like it.

We are very proud to present you Dying Fetus and Misery Index as our first two headliners. Massive power on stage predicted!
We are also happy to present you the following bands. You know, that it will be a hell of a party!

GUTALAX ( cz gore grind ) – from czech Republic – Gore grind at it’s best. After their last heavy party on our Deathfeast, we had to book em again!

Origin – from USA – one of the best technical Death Metal Bands on earth!

Soreption – from Sweden – brutal technical Death Metal with it’s own style. Great band!

Nader Sadek – from egypt – we are looking forward to this Death Metal Monster with various Members of legendary Death Metal Bands!

Epicardiectomy – from czech republic – this slam beast will bring the hammerfist circle pits to our feast!

guineapig – from italy – another heavy gore grind band which will blast your ears away. Good bois, good music!

Abhorrent Castigation – from germany – rare german technical Brutal Death Metal Band with drawing by numbers riffing and a lot of blast beats!

PaRtY-CaNnOn – from Uk – you know it’s time to party, when Party Cannon hits the stage. Massive and impressive!

Cannibal Grandpa – from spain – FOR THE GLORY OF SATAN!!! After this first 2 seconds on their new cd, they had us already. Creepy slamming Deathcore like it has to be!

Gutrectomy – from germany – the slamtrain is coming to town. Gutrectomy will kick your a55es so hard, that you think you were in prison!

Embrace Your Punishment – from france – heavy slamming mix of Death Metal and Hardcore! They will destroy the stage and bring you the hammers!

Brutal Sphincter – from belgium – more goregrind for the masses. Pack in your toilet equipment, you will need it!

Kadaverficker – from germany – Kadaverficker are celebrating their 25th years anniversary on our stage with a special show. Stay prepared!

We hope, that you like the line-up so far. Be sure, there will be more sick bands coming soon. Every year we try to beat the year before. We thank you all for the support until now and we hope for your support in the future too. As a reward we will bring you one of the best festivals for Brutal Music in Europe!

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Tickets on Facebook:

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Documentation of Death 2017 Feast by Hussain Akbar

Another nice documentation about the Deathfeast Open Air 2017 by our friend Hussain Akbar from Saudi Arabia!

Featuring bands: No One Gets Out Alive, Within Destruction, Stillbirth, Splattered, Human Vivisection, Dyscarnate, ANALEPSY, Korpse, Vulvodynia, Extermination Dismemberment


Death Feast Open Air 2017 Review by Time For Metal-Das Metal Magazin

“ What happened on the Death Feast 2017 in Andernach is almost the language. A great big deal. The Festival is an absolute insider tip. The Billing / lineup for this festival I would like to call a genius!“ Time For Metal – Das Metal Magazine

Deathfeast Open Air 2017 vom 24.08 – 26.08.2017 in Andernach