Kaasschaaf announced for Deathfeast Open Air 2017

The party train is rolling on again and we got a nasty party band from the Netherlands for you.

Straight outta Arnhem they deliver atmospheric, darkened, doom black metal.. … … … just kidding, there won’t be any black metal on the DEATH FEAST OPEN AIR! You know that there is a party train with a grind groove gore band coming to Andernach.

With high quality and politically demanding lyrics, with nice blues riffing and ufta ufta, the guys will deliver 100% party on the Deathfeast stage!

Welcome: Kaasschaaf Party Grind from the Netherlands!

Bands so far:
Whitechapel (USA) | Cryptopsy (Canada) | Suffocation (USA) | Vital Remains (USA) | Rotten Sound (Finland) | Beheaded (Malta) | Milking The Goatmachine (Germany) | Extermination Dismemberment (Belarus) | Vulvodynia (South Africa) | GUTSLIT (India) | Stillbirth (Germany) | Carnivore Diprosopus (Colombia) | Dyscarnate (UK) | ANALEPSY (Portgual) | CLITEATER (Official) (Netherlands) | CREPITATION (UK) | Splattered (USA) | Korpse (Netherlands) | Within Destruction (Slovenia) | Indecent Excision (Italy) | Human Error (UK) | Carnal Decay (Switzerland) | Demonbreed official (Germany) | Human Vivisection (Belgium) | Kaasschaaf (Netherlands) | Weak Aside (Death Metal) (Germany) | Bound To Prevail (Malta) | and 6 more bands

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Vital Remains announced for Death Feast Open Air 2017!

We got friday, and its newsday!

We got another special act for our 10th anniversary in 2017! This Death Metal Legends are on the road since 1988 and they remain strong till this present days. With new and old tunes in their backpack, they will crush your head. Stay prepared for a soundwall, which will hit you hard!

Welcome: Vital Remains from USA



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