Extermination Dismemberment announced for Death Feast Open Air 2017!

You thought that yesterday was the last announcement for this week? You were wrong!

The Tickets are selling really fast, so we decided to give you another smash hit. Mother Russia is back on the Deathfeast Open Air 2017 again. If you know the „BOOM“, than you know how hard this pit will be. We are happy to make this festival even more brutal than every last edition. And the next announcement will help us with our plan.

So, welcome: Extermination Dismemberment from Belarus!

Don’t forget to buy your ticket. They are selling faster than ever. It would be a pity, if you have to tell your children in 10 years, that you missed that amazing lineup!

Bands so far:
Whitechapel (USA) | Cryptopsy (Canada) | Suffocation (USA) | Vital Remains (USA) | Beheaded (Malta) | Milking The Goatmachine (Germany) | Extermination Dismemberment (Belarus) | GUTSLIT (India) | Stillbirth (Germany) | Carnivore Diprosopus (Colombia) | Dyscarnate (UK) | ANALEPSY (P) | CREPITATION (UK) | Splattered (USA) | Korpse (Netherlands) | Indecent Excision (Italy) | Demonbreed official (Germany) | Human Vivisection (Belgium) | Weak Aside (Death Metal) (Germany) | Bound To Prevail (Malta) | and 13 more bands



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