The Sludge is back! Welcome Annotations of an Autopsy to the DFOA 2019

Are you ready? Than get down with our next announcement.

These guys are another reuinion band on the @deathfeast open air 2019. This old school slam sensation will bring you a lot of grooves, slams and nasty riffs.
From the first note you will know, that you are back in Sludge City. This city is full of violence, brutal shit and illegal interactions. You won’t get mercy in the Pit because you can’t stop moving to this massive slams.
They are only playing old Sludgecity songs and new shit (which will be the same direction)

Welcome back in the world of Death Metal: Annotations Of An Autopsy from UK

Go ahead and buy your ticket for the next Deathfeast Edition:
We also got the Ticket and Shirt Special online until christmas.

We will announce the next bands soon. Stay prepared for more sickness and more brutality!

Bands so far:
Waking the Cadaver Official (USA) | General Surgery (Sweden) | Abysmal Torment (Malta) | Extermination Dismemberment (Belarus) | Annotations Of An Autopsy (UK) | Korpse (Netherlands) | CRANIOTOMY (Slovenia) | DEVANGELIC (Italy) | Serrabulho (Portugal) | Deadsquad (Indonesia) | Supreme Carnage (Germany) | Gorezone (Germany) | Chordotomy(Germany)


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